Gardening Tips

Timing plays a very crucial role in planting. Any experienced gardener can attest to this. That’s why most gardeners plant during spring. Springtime is the time of rebirth, rejuvenation, and renewal to the every living organism, including plants. It’s the most opportune time to start a home garden and plant seeds.

You don’t need to rush planting if it’s already planting season. There are some other things you need to handle before planting, like your space and soil. If you consider yourself a novice, you need to ask yourself first – what do I want to plant and how many do I want to plant now?


Having a good plan before planting is a wise move. The last thing a gardener wants to see is their efforts and time go to waste. It is always a good measure to examine your space first.

Is the available space desirable to achieve the number of plants you aim to plant? You may create a simple sketch of your space. You may also determine the movement of the sun in order to have an idea what time of the day your spaces are exposed to sunlight. Because some plants need sunlight more and some need less, you can decide where to plant them. Continue reading

People who are new to gardening tend to overlook the importance of time and seasonal transitions. Failure to notice these will result in despair and frustration. Knowing the best time of the year to plant crops and plants is essential to a garden’s success. Without this knowledge, you won’t go far, even if you have all the tools and equipment. Continue reading