Growing your own food can be one of the best things that you ever do for yourself. In fact, many who have their own gardens feel as if it is the most gratifying experience to try. If you’re thinking you have to live on or near a farm to start your own garden you are wrong. Children, teenagers, young adults, and even the elderly can create a garden of their own.

You can start with simple veggies and work your way up to a fully functional garden for which you get all your choice vegetables and herbs from. So whether you decide to stick to a simple window garden that produces tomatoes, or you have a section in your yard to designate to foods, you will reap all of the benefits below and more.

Get Your Food Fresh

If you’re looking for freshness, than growing the foods at home is the best you’ll ever have. The produce hasn’t had the inconvenience of traveling across the country which can be harmful to your health. What many people are unaware of is that the moment farmers cut the produce from their gardens to be sold that a lot of the nutrients go with it. Enzymes, vitamins, and minerals are only present in the vegetables for a short period of time after being cut.

By getting your foods from the grocery store, you do not have the instance convenience of eating fresh foods high in vitamins and nutrients. Why? Because they’ve picked the produce several days before, packaged the products, had them shipped, and all of this takes time away from the freshness.

Gives You Peace of Mind

With all the recalls you hear about on the news do you often find yourself wondering about the foods you’re purchasing? You have to wonder about the types of fungicides, pesticides, and other toxins the produce has been sprayed with. In most cases the produce you purchase from the store has been sprayed with such chemicals and more. There are studies now that link some health effects from pesticide usage including hormonal imbalance, cancer, or nerve and brain damage. However, when you produce your own foods at home you are able to ensure that you’re not using chemicals that could cause harm to the health of your loved ones.

Saves You Money

Last but not least growing your own produce could save you a lot of money. Have you ever gone to the grocery store and compared the prices of fresh healthier food choices verses not so healthy options? Well if you have you will find that it is much more expensive to eat healthy. So by growing your own foods you can save a lot of money. Depending on how large your garden is you could have enough produce on hand to get you through a few months.

Growing your own foods has many health benefits as well as other advantages. The convenience of growing what you want, how you want, and at a price you could afford is definitely worth trying. Consider starting your own garden this season for healthy produce next year.