If you are looking to start growing your own food, vegetables will probably be a large part of that. While you can grow just about any vegetable you want – depending on the season – there are some that are definitely easier for beginners. Here are some good vegetables to start with when you are just beginning to explore growing your own food.

Leafy Greens

One of the easiest types of vegetables for beginners to grow is salad greens or leafy greens. This includes most types of lettuce and greens that you would use for a salad,such as spinach, kale, arugula, collard greens, and lettuce like romaine and iceberg.

Cabbage can also be included in this category. Lettuce is actually really beautiful and enticing in a garden when it begins to grow, plus there is always room for adding more greens to your diet. If you are using seeds, spring and fall are typically the best time to plant greens.


Another vegetable, which is actually a fruit, is tomatoes. These are also ideal for your salads and various other meals. If you have enough of them, you can also start making your own tomato sauce and salsa with your harvest. Tomatoes grow really fast and are simple to grow, making them perfect for the gardening beginner. There are also many ways to grow tomatoes, from on the vine to baskets or in a pot.

Green Beans

If you enjoy green beans, then you’re in luck because these are also relatively easy for beginners to handle. You can grow green beans directly from the seed and have that sense of accomplishment when they start to sprout. There are also a lot of things you can do with green beans, from adding them to salads and soups, to using them as healthy side dishes.


Another vegetable that is good for your own salads is cucumbers. With cucumbers, you will notice that in the right environment, they grow quickly. You just need to make sure they can climb properly as they grow vertically, even in containers. You need to have warmer temperatures and plenty of sunlight, plus regular watering for your cucumbers.


If you cook a lot at home, then you probably also use onions regularly. This is what makes onions such a fantastic vegetable to grow in your garden. They are easy to grow and good for beginners, plus there are a lot of different uses for them. Starting onions from small plants instead of seed is usually preferred for beginners.