Get Started Growing!

If you’ve never done a vegetable garden before you’re going to find this to be a very fun project. Growing vegetables is essentially much easier than other crops. Growing delicious taking vegetables is a great way to save money and stay healthy but it will require a bit of planning and effort on your behalf. Below are a few steps to getting started with the planning process. Continue reading

Dozen of people think of starting their very own garden. Unfortunately, most hesitate. It’s because their desire is often accompanied with fear. What to do? What if the plants die? What if my effort is wasted? All these questions are easily answered by learning the basics. A very good way to start is by having the right gardening tools.

Gardening doesn’t have to be expensive. Buying high-end tools isn’t practical, especially for beginners. When starting out, all you really need are the basic tools.

Basic Tools

Buy a strong spade, a digging fork, and a rake. These three simple tools are already enough to start gardening. You may also add some extra tools if you want; such as a Dutch hoe, a trowel, a hand fork, a pair of shears, some pruning clippers, and a garden hose. With all of the tools mentioned, you can do so much in the garden.

Gardening requires serious maintenance. Additional gardening tools are needed as time progresses; especially when your garden is increasing in size and new varieties of plants are introduced. The need to upgrade gardening tools is also inevitable. A time will come when heavy duty equipment, like a decent lawn mower, is a must. Continue reading