Healthy Gardening

There are a lot of health benefits that everyone could receive if they were willing to grow more of their foods at home. There are lots of homeowners that have realized the many benefits there are and as a result have begun growing their own fruits and veggies. The good news is that you too could be on your way to growing a garden filled with foods that your entire family does.

While you do need a bit of organization and attention to detail, with a little practice it can be very easy to set up. Starting small and working your way up to more items is ideal so that you get a feel for the many benefits that come from growing your own food. If you’re not convinced that growing your own veggies and herbs could improve your health, consider these health benefits below.

No Chemicals

When you purchase items from the grocery store or market there is no telling how the farmers actually grew the food products. In many cases the crops on the farms are exposed to so many different chemicals to protect the food from being eaten by pests and unwanted animals. While some feel that simply rinsing off the food before eating it can get rid of some of the chemicals, there is a chance that it won’t. To put your mind at ease, growing your own foods means that you know exactly how they are grown and can lessen the amount of chemicals used. Continue reading

Regular exercise is not enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Proper diet is still the best method in keeping the body in good shape. For this reason, having organic food in the meal plan is definitely beneficial.

The trend of eating organic food is slowly increasing. It is reported the organic food industry has increased by about 30% in the last year. People are now more informed of the disadvantages of processed and genetically altered food. Since organic food is free from the touch of chemicals and fillers, more people are drawn to it.

The Three Top Benefits You Get

Decreases the Risk of getting Cancer – organic vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidants that prevent cancer development. Many studies have backed this fact. Organic foods have more antioxidants than commercial varieties. If the latter do have antioxidants, the ones found in organic foods tend to be more effective. Continue reading