Organic Gardening

For years, it is proven that a crumbly and nutritious soil is needed to yield healthy produce. Organic gardeners have done this and have achieved great, consistent results. That’s why before planting they try to find or create a soil rich in humus – decaying vegetable and animal matter – and thickly populated living organisms.

Worms and bacteria are an important requirement to a healthy soil. They are responsible for breaking down humus into plant nutrients. Using chemicals, according to organic gardeners, interferes with this complex process. In the end, the chemical interference destroys most of the organism in your soil – and your plants ultimately suffer.

Starting Your Organic Garden

A popular adage says; knowledge is the key to successful organic gardening. Many still discourage the practice of organic gardening for the reason of it being impractical and expensive. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Organic gardening has existed even before our great grandfathers were born.

In growing an organic garden, you need the necessary tools, organic fertilizers, beneficial insects, good soil, and proper lighting. But before that, planning comes first. Continue reading